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In a country like ours where 30% of our produce is getting wasted can be saved for consumption if stored properly. Insulated Ice Boxes provide best solution for storage and transportation of Fishes, Sea food, Drinks and Beverages, Ice Cream, Water Pouches, Milk and other Dairy Products as well as all kinds of perishable food items.

Ice Boxes are most useful for Fisheries and Marine Industry or any processed food industry, where temperature control is required.

All our Ice Boxes are available with or without vending lid.

Technical Specifications:

These Insulated Boxes are available in a wide range of size and dimensions depending upon required application.

KIB - 25 KIB - 50 KIB - 60 KFT - 70
KIB - 100 KFT - 100

KIB - 110V

KIB - 125V

KIB - 150

KIB - 220 KFT - 220 KFT - 310