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We, KEDARNATH PLASTICS PRIVATE LIMITED, are one of the emerging players in the field of Rotational Moulding with an emphasis on providing durable and high quality rotomoulded plastic products. Our product range encompasses of Insulated Ice Boxes, Plastic Water Tanks, Chemical / Acid Storage Tanks ,  Pallets, Material Handling Crates, Wastebins and various other specialized custom mouldings.

About Rotomoulding
Rotomoulding or rotational molding is a very advanced and ground-breaking technology in plastic molding, which has received worldwide recognition and appreciation. Today, Rotomoulding has grown a lot and has become one of the fastest developing sectors of polymer. Rotomoulding, being extremely versatile, enables one to handle a mammoth variety of shapes and sizes which are large in volume and require sturdiness.

How We Care For Greener Planet Earth
The industrial revolution that took place all over the world brought immense prosperity and wealth but also enforced a serious evil to our environment. The onset of plastics and the preconceived opinion of them being non degradable wastes have only added more aggravation. However the manufacturing process of Rotomoulding does not emit effluents or pollutants and such Rotomoulded articles at the end of their life cycle are recyclable for downstream products which reduce waste and minimize resource use. We, at KEDARNATH PLASTICS PVT. LTD. are consistently committed to environment protection. Hence all the products are made by us of virgin material with proper treatment, so the life cycle is longer by international parameters adopting state of art technologies. Very little material is wasted using Rotational Moulding process, and excess material can often be re-used, making it a very economically and environmentally viable manufacturing process.